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Ever to Forget the Elephant – Olivia Whyte

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Ever to Forget the Elephant
You must never lose sight of what is important
revenge can be sought
love lost.
A thud of large, grey footsteps
A huff of dry earth
His shadow casts a warm darkness
His memory is the world’s tallest library
Around him
the trees sway in unison
branches hold the future
His ears are sweet butterflies in the wind
He sounds his constant trumpet
Sunshine rains down
Only to live
As the great Elephant

by Olivia Whyte
Yr 12, St Andrew’s College

I Forget – Sam Spekreijse

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I Forget
I know the endorphins which
make me feel attachment
are also employed when I
defecate and exert
I know that though I label
this pairing one in a
million, maths negates,
renders this obsolete
I know that what I’m doing
is done by all humans
and the rush I am feeling
is best described as fake
I forget about all this
with two tongues in my mouth

Sam Spekreijse
Yr 12, Wellington College

Spaces Between – Beth Rust

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Spaces Between
You are a door locked,
key swallowed.
You are a room.
Outside people look
through frosted glass
at outlines that seem
to shift and settle
like overgrown moths.
Inside you are
cluttered ideas piled
high, accumulated
knowledge filed
haphazardly on shelves;
you are movements
disturbing dust.
You are the deliberate
spaces between things, gaps
like wide open mouths waiting
for more.
The empty light socket;
the carpet across which shadows pool
but never meet.
You are nothing but echoed footprints
and settling silence;
a window that stays
closed against sound and sun;
the dust that is never let out.

Beth Rust
Yr 13, Karamu High School 

Queen's Horse – Arie Bates-Hermans

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Queen’s Horse

‘Queen’s Horse’, Joanna Braithwaite, 2011 (reproduced by permission of the artist)

Regal head wrapped tight like Tegel Chicken,
Braithwaite uses a paint that makes her easel glisten.
With the same air, manner or mien
of her royal majesty the queen,
cock eyed stare suggesting her small gene
pool, something they have in common,
not common as in those folks that shop at cotton on.
Inbreeding; something that might be followed by some kind of legal proceeding,
then maybe an alternative pleading, disbelieving and a debriefing this evening –
quite some insult if that’s where this painting’s leading.
Comportment; more prominent than the obvious lack of an assortment
of certain royal adornments and ornaments.

Arie Bates-Hermans
Yr 13, Wellington High School

If I Ever Write A Poem – Maria Ji

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If I Ever Write A Poem
If I ever write a poem
I will not let the main point parade around
dressed to the nines in simile and metaphor
bejewelled in allegory and rhyme.
I will let it wander around in the nude
drawing stares from puritans
shocked by anatomy they forget they possess
under their own buttoned clothes.
In fact, if I can have it my way,
there will not even be a main point.
I will merely write a list of facts
that will not dissipate like the noble
and nonexistent abstract concepts
that disintegrate the moment
you hit a brick wall.
When food is scarce lady bugs will resort to cannibalism and eat the elderly.
The common garden worm has five pairs of hearts.
Scorpions have venomous stingers but some have twelve eyes,
I’ll write. And I will put down the pen
knowing that I have not romanticised nor ostracised the truth
staring it down in some humanised contest
where one of us will inevitably be broken
and remade as something less than whole.

Maria Ji
Yr 13, St Cuthbert’s College

The Beekeeper – Ruby Solly

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The Beekeeper
I wanted to marry the beekeeper.
I wanted to soothe his stings,
tell him that each one is a death,
a coffin filled by one of his adopted children
(thousands and thousands of them, sleeping in rows).
Another of his Queen’s soldiers lost in a misunderstood battle…
Let him teach me how to listen to their murmured symphony.
My beekeeper, the conductor
(behind the smoke screen).
Kick the ashes into the air with your soft soled shoes sweet man,
put them all to sleep.
Their sweet snoring, sounds like they’re humming our song…
Honey sandwiches for our picnic my dear?
You never cease to surprise me.
Sticky swallowings with that ‘school lunch flare’.
I lick my lips.
It’s time to open my parcel
(honey smeared on brown paper).
Stop biting your tongue,
we both know what these yellow booties mean to us.
We’ll make them soft shoes, we don’t want anyone to get hurt…
The babies will come in pairs you know.
You’ll kiss their foreheads as they sit in their pram,
I’ll take our little family out walking while you stay home to wash the windows
(too many little lives snuffed out, trying to reach you).
I know this makes you cry,
but only a little and you don’t wipe your tears away, they say this makes you more of a man…
The women whisper about us you know, my sweet bee man.
They say “That’s the beekeeper’s woman and his two bastard sons.”
But don’t worry my man,
my sweet, sweet man.
I know it’s all lies.
For our confession of love had one million witnesses.
Each guest gently humming me down the aisle…

Ruby Solly
Yr 12, Tauhara College

Waiting to Fall Off – Jade Trim

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Waiting to Fall Off
His hedge is a different shape
each time; I think he lives here
but I don’t really know;
the seal does. He smirks and shows off
to the mermaid
who sits on her tail and watches.
Once I sat on his lap and watched him
take out his teeth;
his top lip swallowed his bottom
and all the tattoos up his arm
of boobs
and The Sailor Man.
His legs were red kumara
just waiting to be picked,
waiting to fall off.
Most of the other people here
are nurses
on their day off.
We’re all doing fine;
Helen’s annoying us
just like usual.
Some lady got up and
said a tribute to you
about somebody else.

Jade Trim
Yr 13, Taradale High School

once fluid movements are hindered by corrosion – Annie Stevenson

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once fluid movements are hindered by corrosion

The city of night is upwards,
An everlasting depth of permeable noir.
Flecks of silver dust suspended,
Tossed aloft, shattered crystal winks,
Spilt glitter spoonfuls embedded in drape,
Ebony down draped in sun tears,
Moon lustre on ocean turmoil
below, a spark ignites; the timer begins.
The first small sunrise.
A coloured gift. Treasure.
frames emanate radiance.
the peck; a patch on entirety.
the glow, a paper-thin membrane.
maternal crinkled crevices.


Annie Stevenson
Yr 12, St Andrew’s College