Felicity Wishes – Rachel Lockwood

By August 9, 2019 August 15th, 2019 2019 runner up

Felicity Wishes

My room looks like a stage set, ready for performance,
The good child good daughter gonna go for Head Girl, huh. Good.
Golden statuette on the shelf, Gucci counterfeits in the corner.
How would your friend describe you?

My childhood idol Felicity Wishes herself new
clothes every magazine,
new kind of person to try on, this skirt and this hat
make her a painter, this dress
makes her a poet.

I don’t know what my friends think
and BuzzFeed gives me a one-word guess.

I’ve got all the clothes still.
Nice easy bits that fit together, template cut-outs with dotted lines and creases,
you can build her into the boss, the girlfriend, the author, the activist, the teacher,
the girl who pocketed your mother’s lipstick on the way out.



Portrait of Rachel Lockwood
Rachel Lockwood
Year 13
Taradale High School


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  • Glenys Lockwood says:

    That is fantastic Rachel. Just keep going .you will be famous one day. Still in Aus.be back in September.

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