The PWF – Kassandra Wang

By September 8, 2016 2016 runner up

when i told them about the Pretty White Friend they were
delighted and frightened. justifiably beguiled.
mother hush-hushes as i splash streaks of
salty sea things and smile.
for lost communication, beam –
for foreign shapes on tongues, where
i bask in jarred alfredo,
‘hope you am enjoying some dinners, dear’
over white china and silver cutlery,
her eyes will shudder
hands will flutter
mutter      mutter      m-u-t-t-e-r-e-d         mother’s
mental reassurances that our rice cooker is firmly
lodged under bed, and that the
wok on ceiling is taped securely
you grimaced i grinned we crept
to sail where we are subtle
(midnight giggles muffled)
with each others necks and
the moon floods my yellow banks and
mars your milky shores and
i slam the doors on deck and
nestle their whispers into seas that
‘i am worshipped as one of Them and
one third despised one third condemned’ –          please
Pretty White Friend, i smile, see
but some day i will wake up and i will scream.
Kassandra Wang
Year 12
St Cuthbert’s College

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