Shannyn Boyd

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'The Pact' – recorded as a single by Barnaby Weir – was distributed to radio stations, was available as a free download (for a limited time only) from DigiRAMA and was also available free from i-Tunes by mid-September 2007. You can view the video, by Rob Appierdo, on YouTube.

Shannyn Boyd – (Year 12, Hutt Valley High School, Lower Hutt)

The Pact

Let’s never fall in love.
Grazed knees were easier to fix
than broken hearts,
and broken concrete is easier to avoid
than him.

Let’s never grow old.
It was easier to turn five
than to turn the other cheek,
growing upwards instead of cancer.

Let’s never leave.
It’s easier to grow tired of you
than grow tired of waiting for letters,
and phone bills
don’t pay themselves.

Let’s be nothing, I hear it lasts forever.

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