Indian Wedding – Caleb Morgan

By September 8, 2016 2016 runner up

Indian Wedding
her sequin-covered sari
dances in the sunlight
she twirls to the native sounds of Mumbai
the sounds that changed
her childhood
the quiet drone of bicycles and motorbikes
now an array of horns and engines
in the midst of the ceremony
a wine bottle shatters
once an innocent accident
now a warning of danger
the love she couldn’t choose
the wedding she didn’t want
the only thing that is true
her beauty is pure

Caleb Morgan
Year 13
St Andrew’s College

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  • Ronia Ibrahim says:

    While i like the poem it kinda sends a bad message about indian marriage practises. I agree there are many forced marriages, but most i assume are consented and happy. but just because it is a different culture doesn’t mean we should say what they do is wrong.forgive me if I’m being to sensitive LOL

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