When i heard my father died – Jonah Cropp

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When i heard my father died,

My breath ——————–ceased
——————–to exist,
my body ————————froze
——————–like a cold iron door,
my lips ——-refusing
—-to move,
————unable ————————–to mutter words
that could have ————-some sense.

Thinking back ——————–to those
————younger days,
him and I ————playing catch
——in the yard,
I threw —————————–the ball
————further then ————he thought,
causing him ——————–to fall.
—————————————————-When I looked at his face
it was as white
——————–as he was in that coffin.

He stood up ————bearing a resemblance
————to an old stone statue,
his face,
contorted with pain, ————he looked up at me and said,
——————–“Nice throw mate.”
I always wondered
———how he could be ——————–that strong,
——————–I wish I could be as strong as him.


Jonah Cropp
Year 13
St Andrew’s College, Christchurch

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