gloom/bloom – Sunny Radzyner

By August 1, 2023 August 17th, 2023 2023 runner up


on tuesday
the concrete median strip
was in bloom

bright wildflowers
vivid against
dry grass and
grey lamp posts

dangling heads
from the deadly
chill of winter

all the cars
the ford rangers
and toyota corollas
emitting their toxins,
engines snarling,
in pursuit

they snuff out
the radiancy,
vibrancy, of
blues and
purples, pinks
and reds

a californian hill
in june, a wilted
lily awash with water,
an oil drowned
penguin rescued
from the beach

the road
was alive

but this was linwood,
there were no
influencers or
frolicking in
floral goodwill

just the commuters
and me, here
to witness
the super bloom


Sunny Radzyner
Year 13
Avonside Girls’ High School, Christchurch

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