Who’s A Dog’s Best Friend? – Darcy Monteath

By August 11, 2021 August 27th, 2021 2021 runner up

who’s a dogs best friend?

i aint ever seen a dog walk a man.
imagine him; chained up ankles, sand rubbin’ raw on the peak of his knees,
sippin’ on drain water, dust mites n’ diesel.
he’d be spoilt, that man, no doubt, no doubt.

i aint ever seen a dog walk a man
but i seen menace of metal have a go at the belly of our ma
give her a big ol kiss goodnight or
take a bite out of her – the greedy bastard.

always wantin’
always grabbin’
never givin’
never sharin’

i aint ever seen a dog walk a man
all he ever does is be chewin’ on wasp nests n’ thickets
long rope n’ thistles, batteries n’ teabags
oh, he spits em out all right.

he spits n’ it seeps right into the skin of our ma and we weep, n’ weep, n’ weep
but there aint no use crying over spilt milk

i heard a man say that once
so i stole it
‘cause if a dog can walk a man,
then we can have all the power in the world.

i aint ever seen a dog walk a man
but i tell ya what i have seen;
big metal mouths that slobber on seeds
watchin our ma grow cysts of concrete and chemtrails

and she coughs’ n’ coughs’ n’ coughs
till dogs n’ cats n’ everything that bleeds
start coughin’ up the blood of man
till it’s a dog’s world no more.

i aint ever seen a dog walk a man
funny thought that, huh?
man’s best friend or whateva

well this dog’s been waitin’ on his
since man even got here.

Darcy Monteath
Year 12
Logan Park High School

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