Ngā Ata – Abraham Hix

By August 18, 2020 September 10th, 2020 2020 runner up

Ngā Ata

There’s no lights on our street.
We’ve only got footpath on one side of the road.
It’s cold out here mum.
There’s a speed bump down the end.
A car park round the corner.
A bird’s egg in the gutter.
I’m not sure why they have so many traffic lights round here.
It should just be zebra crossings.
There’s a sign telling you when the bus comes.
But we don’t take the bus anymore.
My jersey has holes in it.
It’s new.
All the visitors have to sign in at the office.
It tells us so on the gate.
There’s a lamp near the fork in the road.
I’ve never seen it on though.
I’m not as artsy as all these other people.
I’m not good at painting and drawing.
I wonder if i’ll ever use any of this stuff.
I’m still walking.
It makes clouds when I breathe.
Does everyone make clouds?


Abraham Hix
Year 13
St Andrew’s College


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