Cerebrum – Marijke Hinton

By August 18, 2020 September 9th, 2020 2020 runner up


I fear lots of holes close together


A little slug has never experienced the warmth of a cacao nib
The dung beetle has found a pink paw paw which he pines over from 6-6:15 in the morning
Only to discover that it is in fact a cuttlefish

I find myself down a wishing well wishing that I was worlds away
Only one can take this pain away and he can be found devouring 14 breadsticks
If you disturb him before he has eaten the fate of the universe will lie in the big intestine of a cow

Walking down a lonely road only makes me lonelier
I don’t belong here, never have, never will
Stars belong in the night sky but in the day are scarce
The moon and the sea pave way to another dimension
While the winds howl and the trees shake the earth is still

As if waiting it’s turn to roar and to kick
While the city hibernates the moon shines down
A spotlight which lights and scorches the earth


I don’t fear anymore


Marijke Hinton
Year 13
St Andrew’s College


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