Blue Belongs to Her – Arwyn Cranston

By August 18, 2020 August 25th, 2020 2020 runner up

Blue Belongs to Her

All blue belongs to her, casting blue glaze.
The sky kisses good morning and goodnight.
Her magma tears roll from her cobalt gaze.
The waves of azurite will hug her tight.

Is she a dream? Or is she of a dream?
Asleep beneath the dark facade of waves.
Dreaming, is she? Of blue in her bloodstream?
Into her heart, soft pain the sea engraves.

The stars drink of her tender agony,
there is no blue, obsidian obscures.
Drowns in cerulean cacophony.
Her voice it takes, the thick thunder endures.

Mercury touch leaves heavy residue.
Quietly she breaks; she belongs to blue.


Arwyn Cranston
Year 13
Wakatipu High School


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