Summer in Antartica – Anna Doak

By August 24, 2018 March 28th, 2019 2018 runner up

Summer in Antarctica
I bridge the Antarctic Peninsula to the echos of mounting temperatures
and see my tribe of Adélie penguins conga line to the Southern Ocean.
Uno a uno
amalgamated in search of a promise.
But glacial peaks find the cavities of my mind
of senseless nights,                    where we all should be…
A microcosm for humanity’s sake.
Bound by scores of light to 7,236                                 metres.
The wind flings me into Paradise Harbour
against the shards of ice.
———————————–Against the frozen faces of rocks.
The waves destroy our chorus of calls
across the bay of hope.
Can we ever see the tightrope of the dance, the nets tightening our beaks?
———————–Now we shuffle and wait         and         wait         and         wait
and drift         along the surface in time.

Anna Doak
Year 13
Cashmere High School

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