He Sailed Away – Kushla Siemonek

By August 24, 2018 March 28th, 2019 2018 runner up

He Sailed Away

In a shack by the sea,
All covered in rust.
In an old tackle box,
Six inches in dust.
There lies a leather book,
A story to read.
About a young fisherman,
Who sailed to sea.
He loved the smell of the air,
And the glistening water.
Sadly leaving behind
His wife and his daughter.
He went to find treasure,
Fish, for food and money.
But once finally returned,
Found life much less sunny.
His wife had now left him,
For someone far away.
He had no one to care for,
And nowhere to stay.
So he left that small town,
To live by the sea.
Where his spirit would sail,
And his soul was set free.
I wish this story’s end,
Was happier, less wild.
But sadly it is not,
I know, I’m his child.

Kushla Siemonek
Year 12
Taumarunui High School

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