The Gift – Anna Doak

By August 25, 2017 2017 runner up

The Gift

i.m. Mum 1962 – 2017

Mother we made a wishing well
together with the sinners.
We peeled back their resentment
and gifted their hearts to the stars.
You and I constructed
the shape of God’s entrance
the patchwork of our bond and your love for
notre famille uni, our united family.
The sound of the colossal sea
lulled you to sleep at night
and we would spin torrents of water
to make prayers.
We used to tell tales of princesses
that needed saving
but we are stronger than that.
Mother we are.
We were the Mad Hatter’s tea party.
We’d bake ginger bread men
with crooked arms.
We’d run between the hedges
and you’d count to 45.
“Ready or not?”
I was not ready.
In photographs it’s always summer
you wore burnt orange
and parted the sea.
Mum you are free.

Anna Doak
Year 12
St Margaret’s College

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