Mia Gaudin

By September 8, 2016 Uncategorized

Mia Gaudin (Epsom Girls Grammar School, Auckland)



It was twelve

you crossed the road
in your dad's
" lawyers never lose their appeal" t-shirt
and sat down laughing

I offered you eggs

but instead
you gave me the marshmallows
from your flat white
and we talked

about uni courses
the ball
and the colours of the sky


We were ten

you went to America for two terms
and when you called me
with a half rehearsed accent

I cried
and told you to come home

you did (with candy)
so your dad had a party
with his lawyer friends

we stole cherries
from downstairs
and spent the night
at your bedroom window
spitting pips
and watching them roll quietly
down iron grooves
on your neighbours' roof

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