Graeme Ninness

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Graeme Ninness – (Year 12, Awatapu College, Palmerston North)

A Universe in my Head

Have you seen the Eyzrian land
With carpet’d hills of golden snow
The thorngrass plains flow to the sand
Where Ranweck’s marble spires grow

Have you seen the province of Eyzria?
It is hilly and has gold-coloured snow
There are large thorngrass plains
And a marble city called Ranweck

Go yonder to the Jindra Head
And see the diamond shrine of old
A tribute to the ages dead
When men were proud and kingdoms bold

In the province of Jindra Head
There is a shrine made of diamonds
Constructed many centuries ago
When the world was better

Sail o’er the blinding crystal sea
Where lie the vast Memorial Isles
A solemn land of spirits free
Tranquil lakes and woods for miles

There is a bright clear sea
And islands which are very big
It is a nice, happy place
With large amounts of nature

And turn your eye to Markeroth
Where rain is fire and grass is ash
Few see the thunder-breathing moth
When all is gone in one mere flash

In the place Markeroth
Which is burned and nasty
There is a rare moth that creates thunder
The place is very dangerous

To see the towers of Zendril tall
Like silken hands to clasp the sky
A frozen land of fair for all
Though secrets black lurk ‘neath the eye

Zendril has tall towers
They are white, and look like hands
A democracy in a snowy climate
Although it has bad things also

O to gaze upon the astral plane
Descending to the planet’s gleam
Is but a curse when visions wane
To know your world is but a dream

Looking at space
Then looking at the planet
Is not good
When you know it’s not real

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