Russell Kale

By September 8, 2016 Uncategorized

Russell Kale (Karamu High School)


Russ Kale is the third denizen of the amber sunset.
Russ Kale is pushing the boundaries of the underwater experience.
He is significantly monotonous, but sleeps in class anyway.
Russ Kale has broken the nose of society to spite its face.
Russ Kale has yet to arrive at a conclusion.
He lives in a cocoon of ice-coated steel.
Russ dangles from rooftops, watches palm fronds and Amelie
projected onto grey-cloud screens.
Russ Kale knows where to get the best seat in the stratosphere.
Russ Kale does not return his videos on time.
Russ Kale becomes distorted at the edges,
Just past the point where the volleyballers
Play on the beaches of the island,
And hot-air balloons mark the road.

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