Melissa Chen

By September 8, 2016 Uncategorized

Melissa Chen (Epsom Girls Grammar School)

Travel log

drive, you say
drive me somewhere
high above the world – grab your keys
let’s go. i want

only this
the open road
unfolding possibility, your
warm body in the front seat –
the rolling

give me unfinished
sentences and ravenous hunger for
other things, at every abandoned gas station
we could take communion of

two dollar crackers
and music, you say –
dance harlequinades and sew
checkers over sleeping lawns at midnight
uptown, the beautiful

undiscovered land.
let’s change our names
become enigmas, become
objects and travel from hand to hand
aging slowly and alone together, let’s

find home through untravelled driveways and
crawl across jungles to a room of our own
between signpost legs
the cheapest motel
and voices falling through the dark of
mezzanine floored parkways.

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