White – Jake Kelly-Hulse

By August 27, 2015 2015 runner up

They say that the night
Is darkest before the dawn.
But that isn’t the truth,
At least, beyond simple terms.
Anyone who’s seen
A sunrise knows. There
Is a trend. A gradual
Brightening along the course
Of an hour or so.
The darkest darkness is a
Sham, designed to justify
All manner of karmic injustice,
To hold lowered heads high.
A nursery rhyme told
By the minstrels who
Tell you this is a poem, because
It has verses, and had line breaks
In between sentences.
But, just because a poem
Isn’t a poem, doesn’t mean
It can’t be read.
And dawn comes
Regardless of the darkness.
Unless, it’s really cloudy…
Jake Kelly-Hulse
Year 12
Sacred Heart College, Auckland

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