The Golden Rule – Anastazia Docherty

By August 27, 2015 2015 runner up

The Golden Rule
We followed a golden rule.
We promised to always work it out.
Love however cannot be calculated like simple arithmetic,
And my solutions led you to become my X.
There was once a time when my heart would beat for you in sinusoidal waves
Leading me to believe that our love would be infinite. Lying tangent to your curves
Our bodies would twist to create that perfect lemniscate.
It was your permutation of my admirable traits that ruined our equation.
You placed more importance on the plane of my stomach than my genius,
The proportion of my curves than my kindness
And the kgs of my weight than anything within.
Really? The one with the megaparsec waist shouldn’t judge.
Looking back now I realise why you were such an outlier.
It must have been the gravitational pull of your mass
Deceiving me, forcing me to think that you were more attractive.
It wasn’t just your magnitude though
I would have been so integer if you hadn’t been so negative!
To be completely honest you were such an asymptote you mother function!
So once I’d said goodbye,
All my problems were solved!
Anastazia Docherty
Year 13
Cambridge High School

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  • catherine McNamara says:

    Love your wonderful borrowing from maths vocabulary to outline a very clear and personal message. Wonderful humour in this. Well done.

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