Soft Cotton Mornings – Leah Dodd

By August 27, 2015 2015 runner up

Soft Cotton Mornings
you are most beautiful in the morning
when fresh light washes in like wet paint and everything is okay
in those slow stretching seconds when the sun spreads over the world
everything is awake and singing except us in white sheets
and your skin peeks through soft cotton like a china collection shining
like marble carved by the gods it is smooth
and rich with shape, gliding over
the blades of your shoulders (the apricot sunrise at nine thirty)
you are the best of the morning
ripe perfection augmented by the gold of sun
with your eyes closed resting it is easier to see the universe behind them
the ultimate splendor of life is so clear
in those slow stretching seconds when you are not awake but I,
with the sun and birds, and stars hidden in berry blue skies
find something in your skin
your sleeping peace
and it is pure
and you are so beautiful
Leah Dodd
Year 13
New Plymouth Girls’ High School

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