Colours of the Wind. – Alyxandra Devlin

By August 27, 2015 2015 runner up

Colours of the Wind.
The sun echoes out
across the sky,
ignites the silver linings,
creates a soft pink hue.
The contrast against
a blue canvas
mingles, seeps together,
produces a lavender glow.
Over the hill on the horizon
there is nothing but white.
A cascade of peaks,
mirroring the mountain opposite.
Where the sun illuminates proudly
there is a spill of orange,
by a tinge of lemon.
As we turn the corner,
all there is, is grey,
the dull sadness and blandness
pierced by the colours as they link,
and fall.
Alyxandra Devlin
Year 13
St Mary’s Diocesan, New Plymouth

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