Hurt – Ruby Solly

By August 15, 2013 2013 runner up

when I sounded the notes of hurt
and watched the hammer play its nails through the skin
I imagined falling
falling past every stained glass window
of every church
as the thinning souls inside
let my falling body
reflect in their eyes
without sounding a single harmonic
upon their heartstrings
we need to stop
so I can kiss you on the church steps
while the people inside look at the patron saints
of the sins I commit without thinking
I will string a line between the two tallest trees in town
and let the holed clothes that lie closest to my skin
air themselves in the dark that nobody sees but me
and when the wind shakes them from the top down
I will laugh to myself
at how they look like the flags that my grandmother hung
at times of celebration
so thick with revelry
that we could have cut it with a knife
Ruby Solly
Year 13
Western Heights High School, Rotorua

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