You’ll remember – Catherine Marshall

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You’ll remember

you’ll remember
that one summer
it was me and you
and taumati
and sometimes fabian
(who calls their kid fabian anyway)
but their mum was a bit
weird, eh,
made us that quiche with
gave me the big
bit cause i was the
only girl
i didn’t mind

couple of things
from that summer
stand out:
when we egged alicia
suarez’s house
she pushed fabe in the
the bitch;
and when we jumped
into the
out the back of your house
it was
i didn’t want to
didn’t bring togs
you pushed me in
i was sure
(and i’ll only say this now)
that you had a
on me
would explain some things

thing is
that summer
(or was it autumn?
greymouth, man
not orlando—
rained every second day)
i’m starting to forget
there was something
that happened
there was you
there was me
i forget
i know you’ll remember

by Catherine Marshall
Yr 12, Rangi Ruru College

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