Brother – Chelsea Lund

By July 19, 2011 2011 runner up


A baby’s cries
beating the crack of dawn
The yeast of life made an excess
of dough to birth every time
you grin
In dusty days we all hold
the small wonders:
burning flicks upon thrumming ant
traffic steeping in your brain
All the way up to the stars and all
the way down again
Be good
Keep warm
The raveling of a defeated
seamstress as you leave red-cheeked
in your Velcro shoes
The blows of the dandelion clock
getting wonky and avaricious,
spitting pips down your throat
Thereafter: a clamber
To gather
When the night sky is bulky
I slip a grin
into my pocket
just to hear the thud of

By Chelsea Lund
Te Kura – The Correspondence School

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