The Colonel – Robin Kunwar

By August 19, 2020 September 10th, 2020 2020 runner up

The Colonel, the Cook
of 1971 sits atop the crow’s nest
telescope to the black eye
scoping auckland
sailing towards new land
He penetrates the foreign market
terra nullius
a slate clean of consumerism
a state full of unmoulded minds
The Colonel, the Conqueror
cements His blood red flag
unloading muskets of MSG from the hull
and sowing His secret herbs and spices
into our sacred soil.
Explorers quickly follow His maps
trailing him to Te Ika a Maui
Maurice and Richard plant their golden arches
in Porirua while oligopolists still journey from the North
to claim their steak.
serpents of saturated fats slither out
from docked ships fangs glazed in acrylamide.
They drive into our circulatory highway
coil around consumers then constrict
masking the cries of cardiac arrest
The Colonel, the Clergyman
now preaches from the recipe book
His vision has fried the colour out of us
then painted us a lipstick red

but we go to mass every weeknight
and shower the stage with money
His churches are wolves
lured to the suburbs
by the aroma of the uninformed and the impoverished
missionaries in aprons and gloves
serve dishes of blinding methanol while
the invisible hand of the market grabs us by the wallet
then by the throat


Robin Kunwar
Year 13
Burnside High School


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